The humidifier-who-knew-too-much-lola-cosmetic-leave-in-300g

"Lola Umificador que sabia demais."


Description: The Knew Too Much Humidifier from Lola Cosmetics is the best humidifier for tight curls that want elongation, shine and moisture. The Knew Too Much Humidifier has a vegetable oil emulsion that enhances and defines its curl and wave pattern. It envelops your hair in a super dose of hydration and shine. Plus, it reduces frizz and fights hair shrinkage. The Humidifier That Knew Too Much was specially designed for lolets who want to lengthen and straighten curly and curly hair, without the strands being bathed in mineral oil or synthetic paraffins. Ideal for all hair types, from the driest to the most fragile, it maintains shine and flexibility for 24 hours.

How to use: On clean, damp, conditioned and detangled hair, distribute a generous amount of know-too-too much humidifier in your hands and apply it evenly to the strands, pressing them from bottom to top, stimulating buckles. Finish with diffuser or naturally. For a day after rebirth, lightly moisten the threads and apply a cap or more of the humidifier that knew too much, ending with a diffuser or naturally.


Hair types: curly and curly

Salt-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free formula

Need: Activation of Curl, Definition

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