Pack Evox light smoothing Tannin without formaldeyde 500ml+ anti-residue shampoo 70ml x2 + Mask Excellence 300ml
    Pack Evox light smoothing Tannin without formaldeyde 500ml+ anti-residue shampoo 70ml x2 + Mask Excellence 300ml
    Pack Evox light smoothing Tannin without formaldeyde 500ml+ anti-residue shampoo 70ml x2 + Mask Excellence 300ml
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Pack Evox Straightening Tannin without formaldehyde 500ml, minimum 5 applications.

Powdered  gloves.

Anti-residue shampoo 70 ml x2 ICON

Mask Excellence 300ml Belma Kosmetik

EVOX smoothing treatment 500ml, minimum for 5 applications for mid-length hair (shoulders), and a maximum of 10 applications.

The average amount needed for smoothing is between 50-80ml, depending on the length and thickness of the hair.

ICON Purify anti-residue shampoo 70ml x2

Powdered latex gloves x1 pair.

EVOX is a smoothing, light-weight, volume-reducing, very gentle and easy-to-apply treatment with Tanic acid and plant Nanoparticles (Evoxin), without Formol, and with Argan oil.

Ideal for voluminous, or very slightly curly and fine hair.

This smoothing does not affect curly, frizzy or curly hair.

It has a durability of 2 to 3 months, with as maintenance: 1-shampoo and Mask Ojon Oil, and oil Ojon Oil of Belma Kosmetik for fine hair, 2- for medium to large hair use rather Tanino Argan Oil range from Belma Kosmetik (Evox skincare technology is compatible with Tanino). You will find these articles in the website catalog

Materials needed:

-gants, - large detangling comb, straightener (straightener) preferably in titanium, - hair dryer, - pliers, tail comb, - bowl, -brush. (You will find some of these articles in the "accessory" category of the site catalog.)


1- Anti-residue shampoo, wash 2 or more if the hair is not clean (until the hair "squeaks" in the rinse), Shampouinez also the lengths and points to remove silicone that might have your hair (this could prevent the smoothing of the product from coming in. If there has been oil on the hair, insist on gently rubbing on the lengths and ends.

2-Dry the hair with the towel only, removing the excess water well.

3-Shake the bottle before. Apply the Evox product with a brush from root to tip in small amounts. (Be careful the product is quite liquid) And comb each bit (do not put pliers). Massage the hair to penetrate the product, and it will form foam.

4- break time 30 to 40 minutes.

5-Massage all the hair as if you were shampooing, you will get a thick foam.

6- Complete rinsing of the hair.

7-Make a smooth blow-dry. Then divide the hair into 4 sections, and start in the nape with fine separations of 1 cm maximum, and smooth each strand from the root to the tip 10 times with a straightener and a large comb (like the video), between 200 (thin hair not bulky, or hair highlighted / colored) to 230 degrees for thick and natural hair.

8-If you have very very dry hair, you can completely rewet the hair, and apply the Belma Kosmetik Excellence Mask, leaving it to rest for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse. And dry. This is optional.

Disregard the instructions on the bottle.

WARNING: for people who use COCO OIL for the hair, it is preferable 1- to wait 2 weeks to do the smoothing without using this oil, or 2- when doing your shampoo before smoothing, think about repeating your shampoo 3 to 4 times by massaging the lengths and points between your 2 hands, without rubbing, to remove the coconut oil which could make "screen", and would call into question the result of the smoothing.

Made in the USA. EISER LAB

Description : Excellence Mask is indicated for reconstructing damaged hair, brittle and chemically treated. It strengthens the hair, replenishing and joining keratin chains that hair have lost over time. Use Instructions: On rinsed hair apply a small amount of Excellence Mask wick by wick from the root to tips and distribute with the help of a comb. Leave on for 5 to 15 minutes then rinse again.

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