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Lola-Cosmetics-Be-m-dita -Ghee-Banana-and-Aloe-Vera --- Moisturizing Shampoo - 250ml

Body hair


Description: Be (M) said Hydration Ghee Banana & Aloe Vera is a moisturizing shampoo for dull and dull hair, which needs to replace water. I restore the natural hydration of dry hair, giving it softness, shine and suppleness.

Suitable for: For dull, dry and lifeless hair.

Strengths: My plant active ingredients of Banana, Aloe Vera and Algae are rich in proteins which strengthen and hydrate the weakened strands from the inside to the outside. Directions for use: Apply to wet hair and massage gently until foaming. Repeat if necessary. Follow with the Be (m) vegetable butter called Hydration Ghee. What is Ghee? In India, ghee is a butter for daily use, considered sacred and celebrated as a symbol of auspiciousness, nutrition and healing. It is used in several medicinal formulations and as a massage oil. According to Ayurveda, ghee stimulates the production of Ojas, the basis of immunity and the essence of all bodily tissues, promoting physical and mental renewal; increases intelligence, refines intellect and improves memory. Ghee is burned in temples and pujas (rituals) all over India. It is believed that "the light of a flame of ghee drives away all negativity."

About the brand: Lola Cosmetics comes from a choice: be happy! Live your life in a good mood, even if nothing seems to be working. Not even your hair! Their role is to bring you special sensations and care, vibrant colors, motivating and humorous texts, causing a unique and motivating feeling! Lola is a vegan company that cares about the animals of this world, that includes being against testing on dogs, cats and other pets! Lola Cosmetcs, a vegan company: Did you know that Lola is a vegan company that cares about the animals of this world? This includes being against tests on catiorrins, kittens and other animals.


Hair types: dry and dry

Need: Shine, Hydration

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