Silverplex Anti-aging shampoo with pure Keratin (blond and damaged hair) 500ml. Beauty Hair Professionals

The Silverplex shampoo from the La Beauté range has been specially designed for dry and damaged hair. It is especially suitable for colored / gray / Balayage / Ombre hair.

Free of parabens and sodium chloride. Exclusive creation of La Beauté laboratories. This exclusive treating shampoo with an innovative formula washes hair deeply, especially locks of blond and red hair and helps to unify and lighten the color. The shampoo contains natural vitamins, vitamin E, silicone which smoothes the hair, it is enriched with pigments exclusive to Silver in high concentration for a perfect result. It contains the PLEX compound which regenerates, protects and strengthens split ends resulting from colorations. It balances the Ph level of the hair without drying it out. To have healthy, natural hair, soft to the touch, with a wonderful fragrance. Long-lasting effect.

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