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Tanino , ideal for maintenance of tannin smoothing Enzymotherapy Belma Kosmetik:

Shampoo Argan Oil 250ml

Mask Argan Oil 250ml

Argan Oil 100ml

Belma Kosmetik. Paraben free

Shampoo Argan Oil:

Rich in minerals and vitamins A and E Moisturizing shampoo ARGAN OIL, has a special formula with physiological pH cleansing and prepares the hair fiber without damage and without opening the cuticles. Suitable for daily maintenance for all hair types. Instructions for Use: With wet hair evenly distributed Hydrating argan oil evenly, gently massaging the hair and scalp without bending or twisting the hair fiber, rinse well with cold or lukewarm water. Repeat the process once again. After washing, apply Argan Oil Hydrating Mask.

ARGAN OIL LINE POST SMOOTHING OIL post- smoothing ARGAN line is rich in vitamins A and C , antioxidants and minerals that protect the hair fiber from daily external aggressions and deeply hydrate all layers of the hair , leaving hair silky , hydrated and shiny, guarantee hair smooth for much longer.

BENEFITS: ✓ Essential fatty acids: 80% of its composition are essential fatty acids. ✓ Vitamin E: important antioxidant vitamin, which contains about half that ✓ found in olive oil. ✓ Daily water replacement. ✓ Maintenance smooth and hydration for much longer hair. ✓ Antioxidants prolong the duration of active colors oxidation. ✓ Avoid drying the hair. ✓ Returns and maintains the silky hair and unsurpassed shine.


ARGAN OIL ARGAN OIL returns magic to your hair, eliminating frizz, giving shine and softness. It provides a thick, shiny hair, helps repair damaged hair, serves as a heat shield to protect from the heat of irons and hair dryers. Traps moisture and slows the effects of aging hair. Leaves no residue. Suitable for: ✓ Fix split ends ✓ Facilitate combing ✓ Disciplining hair ✓ Protects hair from heat from the iron and hairdryer ✓ Eliminate frizz ARGAN OIL MASK Daily maintenance / All hair types / Rich in minerals and vitamins A and E.

Moisturizing mask ARGAN OIL helps hydration and intensive hair treatment. Its composition with argan oil rich in essential minerals and vitamins A and E, nourishes and moisturizes the hair fiber, leaving silky, hydrated and shiny hair shine. Indicated for the maintenance of all types of hair. Instructions for Use: After washing hair with shampoo Hydrating argan oil, and with wet hair, apply in thick strands Mask Hydrating argan oil means to ends, distributing throughout the hair with the help of a comb middle teeth, massaging with hands. Leave the mask ARGAN OIL take effect for 5 minutes, then rinse with cold or warm water in abundance, completely removing the product. If desired, brush your hair, it enhances treatment.

APPLICATION: With wet hair evenly distributed moisturizing shampoo ENZYMOTHERAPY ARGAN OIL through the hair gently massaging the hair and scalp.. Without bending or twisting the hair and rinse with water abundantemen- you to taste. Repeat the process once again. After washing hair with ARGAN OIL Shampoo ENZYMOTHERAPY with wet hair and apply in large wicks mask Hydrating Mask ENZYMOTHERAPY ARGAN OIL, from the root to the tips distributed by all the hair using a comb and massage with hands. Let the product act 15 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water, removing the product.

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