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ICON B.K. Wash 200ml.

Anti-frizz shampoo that revitalizes, strengthens and smooths every strand of hair. Allows you to obtain a healthy and shiny hair.

Natural and organic ingredients, animal keratin free, paraben free and formal.

Biotin: biotina / Vitamin B7, prevents dryness of the hair, helps reduce hair loss, treats weak and brittle hair and increases manageability. Result: bigger, shinier and more beautiful hair.

Biotin is sometimes called vitamin H.

Keraveg 18: -Alanine, nutrient most important amino acids (binds proteins)

-Arginine: nitric oxides, promotes healthy hair growth.

-Aspartic acid: pillar that acts to synthesize.

-Cysteine: powerful antioxidant.

-Glutamic acid: decreases the PH.

-Glycine: amino acid, provides strength.

-Histidine: rich in iron (repairs)

-Isoleucine: amino acids that separate proteins, promote circulation.

-Leucine: stimulates protein synthesis.

-Lysine: fundamental to maintain a healthy appearance.

-Methionine: creates proteins and peptides (= composed of + 50 amino acids).

-Phenylalanine: balancing protein.

-Proline: repairs (gives elasticity and vitality).

-Serina: fatty acid that protects damaged ends).

-Threonin: promotes normal hair growth.

-Tyrosine: increases the absorption of necessary amino acids.

-Tryptophane: essential amino acid for building new proteins.

-Valine: amino acid (BCAA) that works two other amino acids to promote normal growth, repair and provide body and movement to hair

Keravis: increases the strength of the hair.

Application: on damp hair and rinse, repeat the application if necessary. Then apply ICON B.K. Bath conditioner on the lengths and ends, leaving it to act for at least 5 minutes, and rinse thoroughly. For drying, apply to still damp hair ICON B.K. Smooth anti-frizz balm, comb and dry, this will shorten the drying time, bringing shine and protection to your hair.

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