MAIKA BIO Canapa Shampoo, 250ml
    MAIKA BIO Canapa Shampoo, 250ml
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Maika Canapa  Shampoo 250ml

The properties of the seeds have been recognized. Without THC, they are indeed rich in omega 6 and omega 3.

The seeds are used in aesthetics and cosmetics as they help keep the skin hydrated and prevent acne. They also strengthen nails and hair, also improving the resistance and shine of the shaft of the latter.

On the hair it has an intense restructuring and nourishing activity, and is also appreciated as rebalancing the scalp in the presence of excess sebum or dandruff, dermatitis, cradle cap.

Hemp oil can also be applied directly to the area to be treated to reduce itching and inflammation. It is not greasy and penetrates quickly.

Vitamins B1 and B2 bring softness to the skin and protect it from free radicals and limit cell damage.

Thanks to these characteristics, hemp oil stands out as the most effective natural product to fight against the deterioration and aging of the skin.

The action of hemp oil on the skin is extremely suitable for skin with a tendency to roughness, dryness, chapping.

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