ICON Box Cure By Chiara Recoover Shampoo + Spray + Conditioner


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Box  Cure By Chiara:

Shampoo Recover 250ml

Spray Cure Replenishing 250ml

Revitalize Conditioner 250ml

Lot Cure ICON, conditioner, fortifier for damaged, colored, highlighted hair:

Recover By Chiara is a regenerating shampoo. It nourishes, softens sensitive hair, and rebalances the PH. Protects the color of colored and highlighted hair. This shampoo provides flexibility, reduces hair breakage, provides shine and volume, and strengthens the hair fiber by reducing hair breakage.

The shampoo formula is designed to stimulate healthier hair growth.

Apply to damp hair and rinse thoroughly. For better results, you can continue with the Cure ICON conditioner, and then with the Replenishing Cure ICON spray (without rinsing) before drying.

Ingredients: Quinoa. Tripeptide. Prodew 500. Multiple plant extracts.

ICON Cure By Chiara Healing Spray 250ml. (not aerosol)

ICON Cure By Chiara Spray is revitalizing, repairs dry hair and rebuilds weakened areas of the hair. Without gas. This treatment envelops the hair in a silky texture, softens and maintains hydration. Calms frizz.

The Spray Cure is applied to damp hair (after shampoo and conditioner from the different ICON ranges). Spray on the lengths and ends. Massage the lengths and ends for better penetration of the product. Detangle with your fingers without rinsing. Style in the style you want.

Ingredients: Aloe vera. Silk proteins. Panthenol.

Paraben free. Sulphate free.

ICON Cure By Chiara Revitalize, is a repairing treatment, before or after shampooing depending on the condition of the hair.

The benefits of reverse shampoo begin with the preparation of the hair, which will protect the cuticle, giving volume, lightness, strength and lasting shine. Once the Revitalize Conditioner is used, the cuticle and hair fibers are filled with the proteins and natural elements that they lacked. It penetrates, prepares, repairs and strengthens the hair.

A versatile formula, Cure Revitalize Conditioner, can be used after shampooing for those who want to stay in the tradition.

For fine, medium or thick hair:

Inverted shampoo with Cure Revitalize Conditioner on damp, unwashed hair, massage into hair and detangle with fingers. Rinse and shampoo with Cure Recover Shampoo, the Cure Replenish leave-in spray. Follow with Cure Double Body Serum for long-lasting hold.

For damaged, very sensitized hair:

Inverted shampoo with Cure Revitalize Conditioner on damp unwashed hair, massage into hair and detangle with fingers. Rinse and proceed with Cure Recover shampoo. Reapply Cure Revitalize on the lengths and ends and detangle with the fingers without pulling too much. Rinse and apply the Cure Replenish spray without rinsing. Follow with Cure Double Body serum for long-lasting hold.

You can also use it after the Cure shampoo, leaving on for 5 minutes, as a deep repairing treatment.

Sulphate-free, paraben-free