ICON Regimedy Hydration and Strength Lot: Drench Shampoo + Inner Home Mask + Protein Shield Care


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-Shampoo Drench 250ml

-Mask Inner Home 250ml

-Treatment Shield 250ml

- DRENCH ICON. 250ml

Moisturizing shampoo. Brings hydration, manageability and shine to dry hair. Provides a rich, moisturizing lather that works inside the hair. Repairs and strengthens the hair. Drench shampoo improves the condition of fragile hair. For all types of hair.

Available in economical 1000ml size, and in 100ml travel size.

Ingredients: Silk silk and wheat protein. Amino acids. Aloe vera.

Paraben free. Sulphate free.


This treatment is an ultra hydrating mask that works from the inside out to restore, reconstitute and repair the hair structure from the innermost layer to the outermost. This treatment softens the hair and strengthens the hair.

Can be applied after shampooing and rinse off after 2 minutes. For a more thorough result, apply after shampooing, removing excess water with a towel and leave on for 15 minutes, and rinse thoroughly.

Ingredients: Aloe vera leaves. Shea Butter. Babassou seed oil. Proteins.

Sulphate free. Paraben free.

- ICON SHIELD 250ml:

It protects and repairs damaged hair. This treatment restores the resistance of fragile and brittle hair. This hair treatment increases the body and the volume of fine hair thanks to wheat proteins. Shield treatment improves hydration in dry hair. Softens hair and facilitates styling.

Ingredients: Vitamin C. Amino acids. vitamin A. Wheat protein.

Application: Can be applied weekly to washed hair like a mask, from root to tip of hair. For more efficiency, leave on for 20 minutes under heat.

For intense hydration , mix part Shield and part Inner Home in a bowl, and apply all over hair, after Drench shampoo, and leave on 20 minutes (ideally under heat, or under celofane). Rinse thoroughly. Proceed to drying.