Guide to Moroccan Rhassoul Clay (rhassoul ) for Skin Care, Face Masks, Hair 1 Février 2019Par Gift Morocco0 commentaire NATURAL MOROCCAN GHASSOUL CLAY POWDER FROM ORGANIQUE COSMETICS GIFT MOROCCO Ghassoul, or Rhassoul, is a clay used for centuries by people of north Africa and the middle east, to rid the skin of impurities, and to wash their hair. Ghassoul comes from the valley Moulouya in Missour near to Fes, to Gift Morocco production unit to be available on several states (clay, powder, packed and bulk). Ghassoul comes from an Arabic word “Rassala”, means “wash”. Ghassoul is the official script, but it is written Rhassoul or Rassoul. It consists of iron, magnesium, sodium, provitamin, and calcium. Ghassoul has a lot of advantages for skin. It cleans without irritating the skin, degreases, rid toxins and impurities such as dead cells from the body. This clay helps to have a clearer skin, scrubbed and purified. It brings it minerals. Ghassoul facilitates the removal of blackheads, fights acnes, soften, brings shine, elasticity and tones, tightens pores, illuminates the complexion, and purifies the face.

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