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dream-cream-lola: Mask 450ml


Description: Does your hair need IMMEDIATE reconstruction ?? So this is YOUR cream! Lola's Dream Cream is a super powerful mask for dry and unruly hair. It recovers hair exposed to dyes, external aggressions and various chemical agents. It has a formula enriched with Argan Oil, Avocado Butter and a mix of reconstructive amino acids that guarantee the replacement of proteins (mass) of damaged hair. Super moisturizing mask for hair with big problems (and for those who don't want to have problems). Dyes. Flat iron. Sun. Mar. Chlorine. It's war! Choose your weapons: fruits, oils and vegetable butters. Lola created Dream Cream for dry and unruly hair that needs calm, but does not worry. If you have straight and well-behaved hair you can also use and abuse it to maintain your beautiful hair. Dream Cream is a unique mask, with an exclusive texture that provides total adherence to the threads taking full advantage of the assets and their benefits.

Indicated for: Hair very damaged because it restores the hair instantly providing deep and prolonged hydration. ? Why are you going to love? ? - recovers hair strands - treats hair deeply

application: After the shampoo of your choice, apply the Dream Cream mask to the hair, lock by lock, gloving well to activate the absorption of the product by the threads. Break time of 15 to 30 minutes (with or without the use of a heat source). Rinse and finish as usual. Treatment for weekly use (for very damaged hair) and biweekly (for moderate and mild damage).

Active: - Argan oil: rich in vitamins a, d and e with antioxidant and regenerative effect. - Avocado butter: provides softness, hydration, shine and combats falling.

Result :? Your hair much healthier and treated

Lola Cosmetcs, a vegan company: Did you know that Lola is a vegan company that cares about the animals in this world? This includes being against testing in catiorrines, kittens and other animals. # alolaamaosbichínenos

The brand: Lola Cosmetics came from a choice: be happy! Lead your life in a good mood, even if nothing seems to work. Not even your hair! They take the role of bringing you special sensations and care, vibrant colors, motivating and humorous texts, provoking a unique and motivating feeling! Lola is a Vegan company that cares about the animals of this world, this includes being against tests on dogs, cats and other pets!


Formula: Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Salt Free

Need: Hydration, Reconstruction

Hair Types: Damaged, Dry and Dry

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