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Organic infusion that protects hair, fights split ends and sublimates the shine of your hair.

The organic infusion PREP SPRAY of BELMA KOSMETIC closes your split ends, protects from UV rays and acts as a thermal protector before passing iron, shine sublimator eliminates the staticity of the hair and its anti-frizz function controls that our hair Don't curl.

EnzymoTherapy PREP SPRAY SPRAY PROTECTIVE PREPARATION BEFORE ANY TREATMENT WITH ALL ITS BENEFITS 100% NUTRIDATED HAIR 100% PROTECTED HAIR 100% BRIGHTNESS EQUAL Enzyme-based infusion, tannic acid and silk proteins. We think that one of the most important things before cutting your hair is to protect it from everything you are going to do. This product adheres evenly to your hair. Avoid split ends, thermal protector, get a shine like no other. Eliminates frizz, static electricity and revitalizes your hair. It can be used as a final finishing touch to give your client an unequaled result. Vaporize generously on the hair. HOW TO USE: Cut: Apply with wet hair before performing any type of cutting technique. Styling: Apply generously on wet hair. before drying the hair.

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