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TANINO Enzymotherapy Excellence Sos Blond intense care for damaged hair . Rebuilding care, moisturizing nutrition and damaged blond hair:

Shampoo Argan Oil Every Day 500ml

Mask Blue 300ml

Power Shot 15ml

Thermic Oil 2 x 10ml

TANINO Enzymotherapy Excellence, Reconstruction, moisturization, nutrition and special treatment for damaged blonde hair, highlighted:

Internal and external restructuring, and lack of yellow reflections on blond hair.


Wash the hair with Argan Oil shampoo 1 to 2 times without rubbing on the damaged hair areas.

Remove excess water with a towel. Do not unravel.

Apply the Thermic bulb to the lengths and ends to be treated (1/4 to 1 ampoule, depending on the thickness and length of your hair). Leave for 15 minutes under heat.

Apply the following mixture without removing the oil: 30ml of Excellence Mask Blue and doses of Tanino Power Shot, which you can apply with a brush. Leave for 15 minutes, under heat, or under a plastic film.

Rinse thoroughly.

Blow dry at a good temperature. For brushing, you can apply the Prep Spray, or the Recovery or a little bit of Belma Kosmetik Oil Argan Oil as thermal protection.

It is advisable to repeat this treatment every 20 days. And to maintain with the products Belma Kosmetik, which you will find in the catalog of the site shampooingshop.ch

Thermic Oil :Intense reconstructive thermic oil treatment with avocado oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, argan oil and enzymes, which create a rebuilding reaction that catalyses the heat in the heart of the hair, offering the best possible result. In just three minutes we get an instant reconstruction of the cuticle and the hair fiber. Helps in restoring the hair’s keratin structure by providing the necessary elements right to core of the hair fiber. This action moisturizes, repairs, and revitalizes the hair to restore shine, flexibility and strength.

 Tanino Shot : A shot of our powerful formula. With only one application per week make sure you have a silky, resistant and frizz-free hair.

Excellence Mask Blue 300ml. Reconstructing mask for moisturizing hair and eliminate golden glare on blond hair.

Description :

Excellence Mask Blue applies after the smoothing process to restore hair pH, soothe the scalp and eliminate golden glare on blond hair. Also used to moisturize dry hair after shampooing and neutralize golden highlights. Use Instructions: On rinsed hair apply a small amount of Excellence Mask Blue wick by wick from the root to tips and distribute with the help of a comb. Leave on for 5 to 15 minutes then rinse again. You can mix it with Excellence Mask to decrease the intensity of the pigment in the case of high porosity hair.

Belma kosmetik

Paraben free

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