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Miracle Oil  Perfect Bond Enzymotherapy Belma Kosmetik 1000ml + 1 Thermic Oil 10ml.

Perfect Bond Miracle Oil promotes an intensive treatment in the hair, restoring all the nutrients that were removed by chemical or physical processes. After shampooing the hair, section off the slices of hair to be applied the Perfect Bond distributing with help of a com and massaging with your hands. Let stand

Thermic Oil : Intense reconstructive thermic oil treatment with avocado oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, argan oil and enzymes, which create a rebuilding reaction that catalyses the heat in the heart of the hair, offering the best possible result. In just three minutes we get an instant reconstruction of the cuticle and the hair fiber. Helps in restoring the hair’s keratin structure by providing the necessary elements right to core of the hair fiber. This action moisturizes, repairs, and revitalizes the hair to restore shine, flexibility and strength.for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Finish as desired.

Description Thermic Oil Treatment is recommended for: After any chemical process such as dye, discoloration etc. After any chemical smoothing process. Dry hair. Damaged hair. Afro hair.

For ultimate results, make 2 clarifying shampoos and dry with a towel. Apply 10ml. of Excellence Thermic oil ( 5 ml, for short hair ) and spread uniformly. Then heat for 10-15 minutes or 15-20 minutes without heat. Rinse with water and blowdry. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Jojoba Oil: moisturizing oil with strong effect including emollients, moisturizers, antioxidants and soothing. Avocado Oil: nutritive that promotes growth and health in all types of hair, especially African American hair and dry hair. Contains nutrients such as essential proteins, vitamins A, D, E and B6, magnesium, copper, iron, amino acids and folic acid. Essential for hair growth and nutrition. Olive Oil: rich in tocopherol, but also in unsaturated fatty acids and essential minerals for the hair cells. This composition promotes the regeneration and hydration of the hair, by providing the necessary nutrients for your hair to regain their vitality and beauty that always had. Argan Oil: provides a smooth and silky surface. In addition, it eliminates frizz, fraying and gives the smooth appearance from root to tip. Enzymes: proteins that catalyze all biochemical reactions. They restructure and renew each cell while they are essential for maintaining beautiful hair.

TANINO Enzymotherapy Enzymotherapy Bond, Miracle Oil Belma Kosmetik, 1000ml + 1 ampoule 10ml Thermal Excellence offered.

Perfect Bond Miracle Oil is an intensive treatment to repair hair that has been damaged by aggressive chemical or mechanical processes (smoothing plate or corrugated iron). This treatment strengthens the hair by reuniting the Keratin chain and hydrates it deeply.

Eliminates frizz, static electricity and prevents disulfide bonds from breaking over chemical, thermal and mechanical processes.

Enzyme-based compound, Jojoba oil, bamboo cane extract and Aloe Vera.

It is free of sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes and has never been tested on animals.

Made in the USA.


Botox treatment in 60 to 90 minutes:

Care for very damaged hair, by a straightening, perm or wicks for example (with an appearance of "chewingum" on wet hair).


1- Wash hair with Argan Oil Shampoo or Belma Kosmetik Ojon Oil Shampoo, rinse thoroughly. 2-Dry hair to 80%. 3-Separate the hair in several sections to facilitate the application. 4-In a mixing bowl Miracle Oil Perfect Bond (15 to 20 pumps depending on the length and thickness of the hair) + 1 thermal bulb Excellence Enzymotherapy (possibility of adding 2 pressures of Power Shot Enzymotherapy if the hair is really very, very sensitive to Chewingum appearance) 5- Apply the mixture to the lengths and ends to be treated, massaging the hair sections lengthways to the tips, to distribute the care and better penetration. 6-Comb section by section starting spikes and gradually back up to the root. 7- Leave for 10 to 20 minutes, in the open air, without heat. 8- Rinse well. 9- Blow your hair well, so that the heat of the hair dryer acts.

For an even deeper result, before blow drying apply some Recovery on the hair for more repair. .

Renew the treatment 1 to 2 weeks later depending on the condition of your hair.

This treatment can be applied as a result of your color application, highlights, smoothing.


2-Botox care for damaged hair but without the appearance "chewingum" in 30 minutes:

Wash hair with Tanino Argan Oil or Ojon Oil shampoo. Rinse well. Remove excess water with a towel. Apply the Botox Perfect Bond Miracle Oil treatment (2 to 6 pressures depending on the length and thickness of the hair) on the lengths and ends, massage wick to match the care. Leave on for 10 minutes, without heat. Rinse thoroughly. Blow dry, you can add the Recovery treatment on lengths and tips before blow drying for a better result. Care to renew in 2 to 4 weeks, everything depends on the condition of the hair.

3-Botox care for dry and damaged hair in 40 minutes:

Wash hair with Tanino Argan Oil or Ojon Oil shampoo. Rinse well. Remove excess water with a towel. Mix in a bowl 4 pumps of Perfect Bond Miracle Oil and a tablespoon of Mask Excellence (for medium-long hair). Apply with a brush the mixture on lengths and ends, section by section, by massaging the hair towards the tip to penetrate well the care, while disentangling the hair with the fingers or with the help of a big comb. Massage the lengths to the ends for 5 minutes. Wrap the hair in cellophane, and leave to act in heat for 10 to 20 minutes. Rinse well.

Renew this treatment every 15-20 days depending on the condition of your hair.

4-Botox treatment + remove the yellow of the hair, for hair yellow and very very damaged:

-Wash the hair with Argan Oil or Ojon Oil shampoo. -Well rinser. -Remove the excess water with a towel, without disentangling. Make sections 6 or 10 according to the thickness of the hair. -Apply with a brush the thermal oil and massaging between the hands each section and disentangle as and when. -Let pause 15 minutes under heat (or wrap your hair cello, and over wrap with aluminum, you will have the heat of the scalp) .- Rinser.-Dry at 80%. Apply the Miracle OIl + Mask Black Matiz Excellence to the bowl and brush in equal parts, apply in sections and massage each section and untangle. (The Black Matiz mask will cool the blond, and The Miracle Oil will repair the hair fiber). - 15 minutes and rinsing well. - drying and blow drying fairly hot or pass once the plates to smooth (200 ° max), this will help activate the care.

Before drying for each Botox treatment, you can apply some Tanino Argan Oil Oil or Ojon Oil on the lengths and ends, for a tonic protection.

Paraben Free. Made in USA.

Belma Kosmetik

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