Roverhair Artisan Fortifying anti-hair loss lotion in ampoules (10ml x 8)

Hydroalcoholic lotion with active ingredients capable of stimulating the cutaneous microcirculation and preventing the fragility and trophism of the hair bulb, or for hair loss due to the change of season

Application :

1-Wash with Artisan Roverhair Fortifying shampoo. 2- apply a detangling treatment of your choice. 3-Remove excess water with a towel. 4- apply the lotion at the root, massage the scalp. 5- proceed to your drying.

He may have a tingling sensation.

The treatment is recommended to be followed for 3 months in a row, with Fortifying Roverhair shampoo, for better efficiency.

Active ingredients: With Menthol, Camphot, Eucalytusvand Rosemary Oil, Caffein, Nicotinamide, Vitamin B6, capsicum, Ginko Biloba and -Betula Extract.

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