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Belma Kosmetik, Enzymotherapy, Tanino. Professional hair products for very sensitized hair, shampoo and maintenence care for Tannin smothing, Sublime Belma Kosmetik.

Belma Kosmetik is a professional brand for deep hair care and maintenance of Sublime Enzymothérapy Smoothing, to straighten hair, without paraben.

You have the products Argan Oil and Ojon Oil, with shampoo (250ml, 500ml, 1000ml), Mask (250ml, 500ml) and oil, without parabens, without salts. But also the Excellence Mask (Blue and Black Matiz) 300ml or 1000ml, the Tanino Power Shot Enzyme Treatment, the Recovery No-rinse Treatment, the Botox Miracle Oil, the Enzymo Bath, the thermic Oil ampoule care ... Belma Kosmetik treatments mix with each other, depending on the need for hydration of the hair or reconstruction. For stronger hair without frizz, and shiny.

They are not tested on animals.

Made in the USA.