Roverhair Organic Hair Care, Vegan COsmetic

ROVERHAIR Organic Hair Care

organic haircare

Organic in the sense of natural, organic, or a sustainable production model, which avoids the excessive exploitation of natural resources, in particular the soil, water and air, so that these resources can last over time. For this reason, Roverhair has chosen to build its future starting from the present and does so by paying particular attention to the environment, engaging in the use of ingredients of natural origin for its formulas and researching where possible solutions in the organic world. A healthy, ethical choice that aims to have products of the highest quality while respecting the environment and the people who live there. Think green, think about the future.

vegan cosmetic

It's a cosmetic that doesn't contains ingredients derived from the animal world. Honey and beeswax, for example, do not fall into this category as they are produced by the bees themselves. Environmental sustainability is the main ingredient of vegan cosmetics, a world that is still evolving and offers excellent sustainable alternatives to the products we are used to. Using vegan products is an advantage for the environment since the ingredients of plant origin are more sustainable and have a lower impact on the planet than is the use of ingredients of animal origin.

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