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Lola Cosmétics is a Brazilian brand of hair products with innovative formulas, respecting the hair and the environment. They are guaranteed to be vegan, paraben-free, insoluble silicones, sulphate, petroleum, mineral oil,

LOLA Cosmetics was created in 2011 in Rio de Janeiro, the products are developed and formulated for respect for hair, health, and the environment.

It's a brand with a humorous visual.

The ranges of shampoos and conditioners and masks can be mixed together according to the needs of each hair.

About Marca Lola Cosmetics Lola Cosmetics hair products were created especially for those who want to unite wonderful hair and happiness. The Lola lines offer products for hair reconstruction, cauterization and hair sealing, with ideal treatment for damaged hair, as well as mass replacement and deep hydration products.

Sober a Marca Lola Cosmetics Os produtos para cabelos da Lola Cosmetics foram criados, especialmente, para quem deseja unir cabelos maravilhosos e felicidade. As linhas Lola oferecem produtos para reconstrução capilar, cauterização e selagem capilar, com um tratamento ideal para cabelos danificados, além de produtos para reposição de massa e hidratação profunda.

Lola Cosmetics comes from a choice: be happy! Live your life in a good mood, even if nothing seems to be working. Not even your hair! Their role is to bring you sensations and special care, vibrant colors, motivating and humorous texts, causing a unique and motivating feeling! Lola is a vegan company that cares about the animals of this world, that includes being against testing on dogs, cats and other pets!

Features: Formula: paraben free, sulfate free, salt free, petrol free, vegan

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Showing 1 - 12 of 25 items