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Our philosophy is to perceive the needs of our customers by responding with quality, technology, femininity, design and competitiveness. For us, hair is the frame for women who make their beauty a lifestyle. Our company was born for the needs of women and lives to take care of them.

The Company company roverhair Roverhair® produces and distributes professional hair products for hairstylists. Founded in 1975 by Vincenzo Prestia, this family-run business has gradually become a world-famous, globally distributed brand, thanks to the entrepreneurial and human qualities of its founder. Since the mid-nineties, Vincenzo Prestia has collaborated with his son Andrea, who has contributed to making the Roverhair trademark and its products an exclusive brand that is appreciated not only in Italy and Europe, but also around the world, thanks to the dynamism and spirit of innovation which are inherent within the company. ” This success continues today with a renewed company structure and young recruits who are looking to the future while respecting the company culture. Ever since its inception, the primary goal of Roverhair has always been aimed at satisfying customer needs by investing in important values, such as quality and innovation. Our company, which has always paid attention to the quality of the raw materials used in the production process, works on combining the best technologies with mild and non-aggressive products, in accordance with natural organic cosmetics and respect for the environment. Passion and dedication fuel our work and constitute a fundamental prerequisite for our success. This success involves all of our partners, who are aware of being part of an open company where they can freely contribute their personal best. Thanks to this relationship of trust and loyalty between our company, our partners and our clients, we continue to carry out our mission: allowing women to express themselves through their own look, with creativity and personality.

Roverhair skincare and colors are vegan.

_ Somnium D'Argan (and keratin, Omega 6): brings shine, lightness, hydration, anti-frizzy, antipollution and anti-UV nutrient. Without sles and parabens.

-TC Color Ready to wear: First corrector (touch-up) in spray to take everywhere. Perfect and uniform coverage on your regrowth

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items